About us

Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn DEFUM SA in Andrychów is one of the oldest manufacturers in Poland. Since 1946 it has been a leading machine tool manufacturer. Our products have been awarded several gold medals at the annual Poznan International Fair, and are exported to Western Europe and America.

By the mid-seventies, numerical control technology had entered into the plant. AFM in cooperation with the German company BOEHRINGER started to produce the slant bed CNC lathe TAE-32N, with a SIEMENS control system.

At the turn of 1980/1990 AFM mainly produced universal lathes for export to foreign markets, and numerically controlled to the domestic market. Within the next decade AFM subsequently withdrew from the production of manual machines in favour of CNC controlled machines and added wide range of services.

In 2000, AFM SA got the contract for mechanical components assembly of CNC vertical machining centers and CNC lathes for the GILDEMEISTER group. Encouraged by this experience AFM launched production of its own design of vertical machining centers.

Since that time the offer of AFM has been widened by the family of Vertical Machining Centers R550, R1000, R1200 and R1600, CNC lathes OSA100, TAE35N, TAE45N, Venus200, Venus350, Vertical CNC lathes Giewont, KND140N, KND HD centering machines NPF 90N and NPF 120N.

A wide assortment of manufactured CNC machine tools and wide range of different options allows AFM to meet customers’ specific needs by correct machine configuration or designing and manufacturing special machines for specific technological operations.

In addition to machine manufacturing AFM offers machine capacity surplus to provide high quality services.

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